Road Traffic Law Revised: Only 45 Deaf persons granted driving license for a year

The acquisition condition of the driving license for the Deaf was eased by the Road Traffic Law revision in June, 2008.

However, an actual number of the Deaf persons who got driving license remains low.

According to the report of the National Police Agency, there are only 45 Deaf persons who have gotten the license since a year after the revised law was enforced.

Pointing out that it was because there are few driving schools with the instructor who can sign, etc., the Deaf organizations appeal, "We demand the driving schools to be well prepared to meet the needs of Deaf clients".

The revised law allows the Deaf person, whose hearing is so severe that the hearing aid is unavailable, is eligible to get driving license. When to drive, he/she must install a wide mirror in the vehicle to check the rear which is easier than a usual rear view mirror. Also the "Butterfly" sticker is required to put on the vehicle to show the driver is Deaf.

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