New train cars installed with visual light for Deaf commuters

The new vehicle is lowered down
on railway track by a large-scale crane car

The Nagaragawa Railway company worked to put the train cars that had been newly bought on the railway track at Seki Station in Gifu Prefecture, a central part of Japan. The operation will start at the end of December, 2009.

A new diesel vehicle has a long seat facing on each side, with 107 capacity (39 seats) by 17 meters in length, 2.7 meters in width, 4.1 meters in height, and the weight of 28.5 tons.

The expenses of 115 million yen to buy the cars came with the full amount assistance from the government, the prefecture, and four cities and towns in place along railway-tracks. it was the third time to install the new cars.

The same painting as the old vehicle bought in 1986 was applied to the new vehicle.

Moreover, the visual light that informs of opening and closing in the car at the getting on and off entrance is installed so that the Deaf commuters may get off easily.

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