Local Deaf theater company to perform emphasizing on the importance of life in December

The theatrical company members practice
with the every part of the body to express a frog.
(photo: www.chunichi.co.jp)

The theatrical company of the Deaf, called "The Deaf Theater Ibuki" located in Gifu City, will show the play with the theme of the importance of life at the Gifu City Cultural Center in Gifu Prefecture on December 12.

The play is planned because lots of sad things that ignore a life such as murders, suicides, etc., have happened nowadays.

Yoriko Kawai, a company leader, suddenly stopped the member's acting in the practice place of the theatrical company in the end of November. She blushed with anger and warned him in sign language severely.

The success of the performance in JSL largely depends on visual expressions. She explains, "If you play with the use of hands in signing, this will surely tire and bore the audience. You must convey every meaning with the use of all facial and body expressions, too". She pays attention to every movement of the hand of members.

The play is about a frog as a main character. He has dreamed to come out of a tiny pond. When he dashes out from the pond and climbs the tree, he sees a depository for kites.

The frog witnesses the world of the law of the jungle that the living thing can eat one after another, and understands how happy the daily life that one shares with his companions is.

Kawai wishes, "As happiness and the life are natural every day, I hope the audience will remember they are not alone through the play".

The reputed theatrical company has performed many times for these 20 years. About 20 members aged from 20 to 70 will play as the frog, the kite, and the snake, etc. The narration will be provided.

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