Lecture meeting concerning African sign languages to be held at Osaka in December

The Kansai Japanese Sign Language Society will hold the sixth lecture meeting on December 6, Sunday, 11:00-12:30 at Kwansei Gakuin University in Osaka City.

The theme will be "A Current of African Sign Languages Research: A report on the World Congress of African Linguistics".

The African sign languages, which were a theme with extremely scarce previous works, has been a field where the attempt of the research is progressing rapidly in recent years.

The 6th World Congress of African Linguistics" (WOCAL6), held at the University of Colognein in Germany in August, 2009, formed a new session on sign language for the first time in the history of this academic society.

Dr. Nobuyuki Kamei, a hearing lecturer of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Asia Africa Institute for Research in Linguistic Culture, has chiefly done the site investigation concerning the Deaf communities in the west and central parts of Africa in late the 1980's.

For this lecture meeting, he will introduce the trend of the sign language research observed at the World Congress of African Linguistics in addition to the result of his fieldwork, and describe the outcome and the issues.

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