Event held to promote understanding of service dogs and their role

An event, titled "What is the service dog?", took place in Shiga Prefecture on December 24-27. It aimed at greater understanding about the service dogs that help persons with disabilities live independently and their social participation.

There are three kinds of service dogs defined by the Law Concerning Assistance Dogs for the Persons with Disabilities; the guide dog for the persons with visual impairment, the service dog for the persons for physical disability and the hearing dog for the Deaf.

While there are 1045 guide dogs in the whole country, there are 48 service dogs, and only 19 hearing dogs.

The photographs and the explanation panels related to the training of these dogs, how they grow, their work, etc. were exhibited in the hall.

The participants touched the dogs, and observed how the person with visual impairment and the guide dog actually worked together on Dec. 26. On the next day there was the demonstration of three kinds of service dogs for 30 minutes for each.

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