English class activities at school for the Deaf open to public

The Deaf child (right) attempts to communicate
in English with the use of sign language.
(photo: www.sanin-chuo.co.jp)

The foreign language activity will be required to take place at the elementary schools nationwide in fiscal year 2011.

The Matsue School for the Deaf in Shimane Prefecture, which has participated in the practice research, held the research workshop on foreign language teaching open to the public on December 9.

The school is the only special support school among 423 research nationwide schools. The teachers have searched for what appropriate method should be used in teaching the deaf children the foreign language.

The research schools work on the practice research on effective guidance and the evaluation with "English Notebook" as the common teaching material that the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology develops and a spoken teaching material, etc.

The Matsue School has searched for the foreign language activity that the Deaf children will happily learn in April, 2009.

On December 9, the research workshop took place in the class with one fifth grader, in which about 30 people such as school personnel participated.

Mai Tanaka (11), the fifth grader, and her two teachers started greetings in English. She learned the intonation of the pronunciation by taking the rhythm with the body. She practiced a simple English phrase such as "What do you want?" as if she buys a favorite thing.

Tanaka enjoyed the 45-minute class including American sign language, as well as the English conversation activity.

Chitose Sakane, the head teacher, spoke, "We intend to enhance the elementary classes in the future. Our approach here will be a hint to other schools".

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How do u feel in these kind of class activities?

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paradoxied said...

This is fascinating - I am a deaf individual and I have studied some Japanese. I visited Japan in 2003 and I would love to go back and teach English at a Japanese deaf school! Do you know how I can find more information about becoming an English teacher for the Japanese Deaf Schools?

Deaf Japan News said...

Hi, I know a few Americans, hearing and Deaf both, have taught English at Deaf schools in Japan. The following websites may help you get an idea.