DVD on "SOS card system" produced to help communication access for Deaf

Yutaka Noguchi(52), head of Kyushu branch
of the Japanese Construction Society of the Deaf
shows the SOS card.
(photo: www.nishinippon.co.jp)

To attempt the spread of the "SOS card system" that helps the Deaf access the communication in the state of emergency, the Japanese Construction Society of the Deaf Kyushu branch produced DVD.

The card system, which was designed by the Society, is composed of 5 cards as a set with pictures of human being. You can point one of these pictures to indicate where the pain is in the body and the level of pain.

It is a fact that the use of the card system is hardly widespread though the fire department headquarters, etc. are disposing the cards to the ambulance cars in Fukuoka prefecture, a part of the southern island of Japan.

Therefore, the society planned a DVD production to promote the use of the card system about two years ago, and filmed with the donation of about 600,000 yen in the beginning of last month.

The DVD entitled "Card SOS that speaks for you" is about ten minutes, in which Noguchi and a member of the fire department headquarters are performing.

The DVD shows how to use of the card, the method of the emergency call using Global Positioning System (GPS) function of the cellular phone, etc. with sign language and caption.

The production of 200 cards have been completed in the beginning of December and distributed to the main hospitals, and the local government and municipal offices, etc.

Noguchi appeals, "The cards can be made with a little sum. We want to distribute them to more ambulance vehicles and communal facilities".

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