Deaf film festival to be held in Niigata City in March, 2010

Committee members discuss
on the plan for the film festival.

Seven instructors of a group in Niigata City, called "The Sign Language Lecture 'The Hands'", has formed the Niigata Deaf Film Festival organizing committee" with the aim to offer every one, regardless of being Deaf or hearing, the opportunity to enjoy the Deaf movies.

The committee plans to hold the festival in March, 2010, advancing the selection of the movies with sign language or visual expressions used in the work.

"The Sign Language Lecture 'The Hands', located in the city in Niigata Prefecture, a northern part of Japan, has organized the sign language speech contest, the signed song contest and this time is the Deaf film festival in order to promote the understanding and spread of sign language.

The film, titled "Businessman Life" (2008), etc. are scheduled. It was produced by Ayako Imamura, a Deaf visual creator, featuring on the life of a Deaf worker in a general enterprise.

Also the committee has called for six more films or independent productions that run for 30-60 minutes. Also volunteers including university students for the festival are welcome.

One of the committee members says, "We expect the festival will make people recognize the sign language is a true language, not a simple tool for welfare".

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