Deaf bar hostess makes it to comic, promoting the sale

Rie Saito, Deaf bar hostess,
in a sexy Santa Claus attire
at the sale interview.


Rie Saito (25) who has become a popular hostess in Ginza, a busy Tokyo town, because of the conversation in writing while being Deaf.

She held the sale interview of comic, titled "The hostess who talks in writing" (Kobunsha Publishing) in Tokyo on December 15.

She appeared with a sexy Santa Claus-like costume of 20 centimeters on the knee, saying with a shy smile, "I am feeling restless somehow as I always wear a kimono".

Rie was pleased with making of the cartooned autobiography which was depicted from the upbringing to the success as a hostess in an original art of serving with a brush. She said, "The comic is a work by which even I was impressed. I was moved deeply to wish to express my gratitude".

The drama will be made by the promising young actress, Keiko Kitagawa, starring next January. Rie's eyes shone with happiness, saying humbly, "I am excited about it and looking forward to it".

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