Video work on signing private school wins excellent prize at documentary video festival

Itagaki views the documentary video
on Meisei Gakuen that won the prize.

The video work which introduces a private school for the Deaf, called Meisei Gakuen, located in Tokyo, won the prize at the first Japan Documentary Video Festival (the Nippon Foundation sponsoring) with the theme related to the dream and hope.

Meisei Gakuen opened last spring as the first school for the Deaf in Japan to educate the Deaf children in JSL.

The video work, titled "Our precious school made by the dream", is highly expected to promote understanding the meaning of sign language in education.

It was produced by the Bilingual-Bicultural Deaf Education Center in Tokyo consisted of the parents of the Deaf students.

It which runs for 4:45, shows the visual signals to tell when the class starts, classes taught in JSL, smiles of the Deaf children chatting during lunchtime, etc. There is no spoken words, and only caption.

In the end, the caption tells, "Those who attend the school are not Deaf children. They are the children who use JSL".

The video work implies to tell us that we must not see those children as wretched ones, but accept that they use JSL instead of Japanese.

Keiko Itagaki, secretary-general of the Center, says, "We hope more people to learn there is sign language as an option for the education of Deaf children".

The junior high school unit is planned for establishment next spring . The prize of 100,000 yen will be used to support to the school and the future activities.

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