Support center for Deaf in Hiroshima Prefecture starts anew

Director (left) with other members,
pleased with the opening of the center for the Deaf

The Fukuyama City activity-support center for the Deaf, which functions as the base of the life support activities of the Deaf, opened on November 1.

On the day the opening ceremony took place and parties concerned were pleased with the start of the activities.

The Fukuyama Society of the Deaf, Inc. (about 150 members) manages the center, with the members who works full-time. The center develops its activities related to the following projects.

-counseling on living and education
-information in emergency and welfare services
-lecture meetings on culture and health useful to Deaf persons
-workshops/training for interpreters and note-takers

When the society formed in 1947, there was no office. Some member had to directly go to the client's home to provide counseling.

Moreover, securing the place where the Deaf could gather, and the communication network to convey the information to the affected Deaf in a time of disaster have been he problems.

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