Making drama based on true story, "The Hostess Talks in Writing", scheduled in January 2010

Keiko Kitagawa, a hearing actress,
who will play the role of the Deaf hostess

A book, titled "The Hostess Talks in Writing" which Rie Saito, a Deaf hostess, wrote about herself, will be made a special drama. She will be starred by Keiko Kitagawa (23). Broadcasting is scheduled in January, 2010.

The drama shows her life from the childhood to the present day. Saito lost hearing because of illness in the infanthood, being rebellious against the society and her mother and called "the most delinquent girl in Aomori Prefecture".

Later she worked in the bar at Tokyo, communicated with the guests with a pen and the pad, learning how to comfort people through the work and grew to live positively.

Also the drama brings up the feelings of her family including her brother. Moreover, there is a scene that Saito, the writer, actually serves by writing, too.

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