Group of Deaf teachers to hold workshop for sharing experiences and information, in Tokyo early December

The Kanto Social Group of the Deaf Teachers will sponsor the winter workshop in Tokyo on December 5th, Saturday, 14:00-18:00.

More schools for the Deaf have introduced sign language in the classroom, and they are highly expected to meet the issues related with communication modes, the acquisition of Japanese language, and academic performances of the students. A specialty expected of the deaf education is called for.

While sign language is recognized in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities as a language, the partial amendment of the School Education Law in fiscal year 2007 caused the wave of the special support education affected most of the schools for the deaf. Various confusion has occurred on each school across Japan.

In such a situation, sign language is used for the instruction tool at the school for the deaf, this workshop aims to provide the participants with the opportunity for brainstorming and fruitful discussion on how Deaf children become fluent at Japanese language, which would lead to improve the professionalism in the Deaf education.

Opening remark and self introduction by each participant

The debriefing session on each past national meeting: the Osaka symposium on Deaf Education, the National Better Educational Discussion Forum, and the National Conference on Teachers of Deaf Children.

Exchange of information on instructional activities: guidance for teaching Deaf children Japanese language, materials and practices that will be useful, etc.

The get-together is scheduled at 18:30 after the workshop.

Source in Japanese:
DEAF-NEWS (subscription)

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