Deaf Judo expert teaches hearing children in Okinawa Prefecture

Judo expert Kiyoko Okamoto (right)
teaches hearing children

Kiyoko Okamoto (32), a Deaf woman from Tokyo, was in the second place in Judo at the world championships which took place in Taiwan last year prior to the Deaflympics.

She visited the martial arts house in Ishigaki City, Okinawa Prefecture, a southern part of Japan, on November 17 and taught the technique of the judo sports to hearing children.

All the children made eyes sparkle to the art of throwing with Okamoto's cutting, and gazed.

Okamoto met Tomoo Hori, who currently resides in the city, when she was 25 years old. Hori was an instructor with the judo club in the Tokyo area, making her start judo.

She had felt uneasy, unable to step forward despite of her eagerness to have a judo match.

As Hori knew sign language, she jumped into the world of the judo because both were able to communicate in sign language.

She practiced hard while working at the company every day. She did not come out the bud easily in the first three years, but she picked up stream remarkably when setting targets in "Deaflympic Games" held once in four years. Finally she won the second place in the world championships last year.

The fourth graders in the elementary school, who participated in the judo workshop, exclaimed, "I learned how to move my feet when throwing over my shoulder. I want to become a strong person like Okamoto", "Her quick movement is terrible. I learned how to throw over my shoulder. I will win everything at the upcoming game".

Okamoto said with a smile, "I have only learned, and am not good enough at teaching. I was very happy to practice judo with them today".

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