Deaf hostess appointed to sightseeing ambassador for her home town, Aomori City

Rie Saito (25), a native from Aomori City who has overcome the inconvenience caused by deafness, currently working for the club at Ginza in Tokyo, has been appointed to the sightseeing ambassador No.1 for the city. The mayor handed her a letter of trust in Tokyo on November 18.

Saito was ready to accept the appointment, saying she would be happy to cooperate when she had visited the city office for the sale greeting of her recent book in October and had been asked by the mayor, according to the officials of the section of sightseeing in the city.

The Aomori City officials wants Saito to introduce the City at the promotional events in the metropolitan areas, etc. before the start of the Shinkansen New Aomori Station scheduled in December next year.

Saito said, "I was excited by the very important task. It seems that lots of people still don't realize the actual image of Aomori City. I will tell them about how attractive it is and help with the Aomori special product developments. I will work hard to connect Tokyo to Aomori like Shinkansen (the bullet train).

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