Deaf association holds sign language festival in Aomori Prefecture

Participants learn
how to tell Deaf persons through gesture

The Aomori Prefecture Association of the Deaf, located in the northern part of the Mainland of Japan, held the "2009 Sign language festival" in the prefecture center for the Deaf on November 1 so that the local residents might get to know the Deaf more.

Those who came learned the method of taking communications with the Deaf persons. In the "Sign language classroom", a part of the festival, one of the board directors of the Association introduced sign language starting with easy greetings such as hello, good morning.

In addition, he advised, "The shape of object and behaviors can be expressed by gestures. Let's use imagination!". The participants thought about various poses when they were trying to find a good way of telling words such as the crab, mechanical pencils, and cellular phones in they own way.

A hearing woman (66), who recently has made friends with the deaf person, explained, "I see I can fairly convey my message through body language. It seems not to be more difficult than I think.".

In the hall, the lecture on the association activities and the captioned video screening were held, too, which those who came were enjoying.

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