Two Deaf schools in Toyama Prefecture to be changed next spring

According to the School Education Law revision, the name and a part of the educational target for the special support schools in Toyama Prefecture, a northwestern part of Japan, will be changed next April.

At the high school level, Toyama support school for students with visually impairment (presently the school for the blind) will enroll eight students in weak condition in addition to the visually impaired students.

The school for the Deaf, located respectively in Toyama City and Takaoka City, will set up a new course called the welfare and service course (eight students admitted) and recruit students with mental disability. Both the school will change the name to the support school for the Deaf next spring, too.

The application form will be received February 24-26, 2010. The entrance exam is scheduled for two days on March 10-11. The result of the examination is to be announced on March 17, 2010.

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