H1N1 flu rages across Japan, forcing schools to close temporarily; Deaf must use fax before seeing doctor

New influenza, called H1N1 flu (or sometimes called swine flu) is raging now across the country.

Also in Nara Prefecture, the total number of elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools which have temporarily closed the classes on the suspicion of the group infection is 50 as of October 13.

The prefecture official is asking the flu-infected patients to go directly to the medical institution and to consult a physician.

However, it is necessary for the infected patient to contact the medical institution by calling phone beforehand without fail so as not to infect the patients with other sicknesses.

The hospital makes preparations to receive the infected patient. He is to be instructed to use an entrance different from a general patient, or to stand by in the car in the parking lot.

For Deaf persons who cannot call the doctor, if there is a usual method for contacting the primary care physician such as the fax etc., he must use it.

The newly established influenza emergency center in the prefecture, which the fax has been prepared, may adjust with the medical institutions or relay to them.

Though the center accepts e-mail massages for those who don't have the fax, the fax is given priority as a principle. When e-mail cannot be used, the prefecture also is examining communication. However, they are not prepared for the situation at present yet.

People get infected if the flu is in the large scale. It is necessary for the prefecture officials to cooperate with the Disability Welfare Division in order to do something to meet the needy such as to lent the fax.

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vagrantexile33 said...

it's H1N1, not swine flu...saying swine flu makes u uneducated person

Deaf Japan News said...

H1Nl is also called swine flu, according to the following website: http://www.cdc.gov/H1N1flu/qa.htm. However, I will change the term as I don't want to be looked like uneducated. he he he...

vagrantexile33 said...

Yeah, it's okay. I'll give you some links. We all learn. :-)