National Deaf Rubber-Ball Baseball Championships to be held in Hiroshima Prefecture in October

The Hiroshima Tatsurose teammates
ready for the practice match
in Higashi-hiroshima City.

The 34th National Deaf Rubber-Ball Baseball Championships will be held on the stadium and other places in Higashi-hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture on October 10-11, 2009.

The National Rubber-Ball Baseball Federation of the Deaf Adults hosts the event, sponsored by the Yomiuri Shimbun Osaka Headquarters.

Holding the event in the prefecture is the first time, and about 420 players from 24 teams who have won the preliminary game of the six districts across the nation will compete for the championship.

The teammates of the "Hiroshima Tatsurose" team who will participate representing Hiroshima Prefecture are enthusiastic, "We want to win the championship absolutely as a home team".

The Tatsurose was formed as the only Deaf team in the Chugoku region, a part of western Japan, 35 years ago. They have joined in a row for a decade, and this will be the 19th participation in the event.

They won the championship in 2001, and also the second place three times. However, the team lost in the second round last year. Ever since they have worked hard at the practice for one year.

The teammates always unite in the circle before every game, pushing up their three fingers, which means "harmony" in JSL to indicate the harmony of the team is important. All the teammates will stand in the ground of the national athletic event with the desire to win.

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