More colleges/universities admit students with disabilities, including Deaf

More universities, junior colleges, and technical colleges, etc. accept the students with disabilities.

There were 6,235 students last year, according to an independent administrative agency, called the "Japanese Student Support Agency", located in Yokohama City. It was ever the largest number of the students since the fiscal year 2005 when the survey on the number of students had been started.

Out of 1,218 schools that responded the survey last year, 719 accepted the students who have the disability such as visual impairment, deaf, speech disorder, physically handicapped, and developmental disorders, etc.

The number of schools that have provided support services such as note taking and the braille system, etc., was 543, more 58 schools than in the fiscal year 2007.

Officials of the special support section in the Japanese Student Support Agency" said, "The academic environment which offers accessibility to the students with disabilities is developing. We will support the schools from every aspect".

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