Famed Deaf artist's works exhibited in Kobe City

Works of Isao Nishimura on the display
(photo: www.kobe-np.co.jp)

A retrospective exhibition of the famed Deaf artist, Isao Nishimura (1923-2003) who loved Paris is open at the Mori Art Gallery in Himeji-shi during October 3-17.

At the gallery, 33 western paintings are exhibited: the woman waiting for a train on Metro platform, the man enjoying a masterpiece at an art museum, the dressmaker walking by his legs wide apart, etc.

Isao used the technique that he painted repeatedly and then shove off the color. These works give you a feeling of the depth and the warmth in the people painted in a humorous way.

Isao lost hearing because of tympanitis (inflammation of the middle ear) when he was 3 years old. He graduated from the imperial college of fine arts (present Musashino Art University), and worked as a professional artist.

He, a resident of Kobe, visited Europe first in 1970. Since then he was fascinated by the landscape of Paris. He won the Yasui prize, one of the most prestige awards for paintings in 1965, and the Kobe Shimbun peace prize in 1995.

On October 10 in the afternoon, Yasutoshi, Isao's the eldest son, will give a speech on his father.

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