Disaster drill: Help hard of hearing by writing when verbal communication difficult

Exhibited are pamphlets on the communication
for hard of hearing during the disaster
(photo: www.shinmai.co.jp)

The prefecture disaster drill took place in Ina City, Nagano Prefecture, a central part of Japan, on October 25. The prefecture association of note-takers (19 groups) participated for the first time, setting up a booth in the hall to spread information on assistance measures for the hard of hearing at the disaster.

The association staff explained: the hard of hearing who don't obtain information in the emergency are often at risk in the dangerous area. They emphasizes, "Even if you don't have any special skills, the pad and pen can save a live".

Examples are given; those who lost hearing because of the sickness, the accident, and aging, etc. would not know the situation as they did not hear a disaster prevention radio, etc. during the heavy rain. They might go to see the river to check, and only to find themselves at risk or missed the shelter. In the shelter they would be puzzled, too, about the meal as they are be informed of when meal is served .

The prefecture crisis management department said that it would study to execute training that a hearing person writes and passes the information on disaster to the hard of hearing person in the coming year.

Tomomi Yamaguchi, a representative from the association, explained, "If hard of hearing persons know what to do, they can do at once by themselves. I want you to remember that there is an option; writing a note if the verbal communication is difficult".

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