Deaf Italian film maker to lecture about his film making at Osaka in November

The Kansai Japanese Sign Language Society located at Kwansei Gakuin University will sponsor the lecture meeting on Sunday, November 8, 13:00-14:30 at the University Osaka Umeda campus.

Emilio Insorer, a Deaf film maker who is getting into the news in Japan, will lecture about the Deaf film. He will talk about his desire for the movie, the chance to become a film maker and his current activities.

Emilio was born to the Italian father and Argentine mother in Buenos Aires City in Argentina. The parents are also Deaf.

His family and he migrated to Italy at the age of 11. He completed the bachelor course in film making at Gallaudet University in 2003. He gained the master's degree in multi communications at the Rome graduate school in Italy in 2007. Ever since, he has involved in the production of the magazine in New York and Italy, etc. as the freelance photographer and the coordinator. He currently lives in Osaka, working on the movie.
(English, Japanese, Italian)

Source in Japanese:
DEAF-NEWS (subscription)


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