Clinic staff communicate with Deaf patients in JSL in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Dr. Hajime Miyasato (40) (right) asks
the Deaf patient (left) in sign language,
"Do you have a pain in your knee?".

Sign language is used to give Deaf patients the medical examination at the "Miyasato clinic" in Yamaguchi-ken.

When a Deaf person visits a hospital or clinic, he/she often usually asks to dispatch an interpreter or a note taker through the communication support project provided by the Persons with Disabilities Independence Support Law.

But at the Miyasato Clinic, the 8 full-time staffs including the doctor, nurses and reception clerks sign to some extent, making an effort toward communication with a Deaf patient.

Dr. Hajime Miyasato(40) said that he would like to work on the medical examination and treatment with the use of JSL to make a Deaf person feel comfortable at his clinic.

He had once met a Deaf person who was unable to write and read at the hospital. This occasion has motivated him to learn JSL.

He says, "Often Deaf patients visit this clinic nowadays, which has caused my staff to learn JSL more." The clinic continues to study JSL with members of the Deaf community.

"I'm happy that I can use JSL with the Doctor." One of the Deaf patients (65) said, smiling satisfactory. "I don't understand the technical things, but even when there is no interpreter available, I can see the doctor by myself. Even if I fell into bad condition suddenly, I can take the medical examination without waiting for the interpreter, so I'm relieved".

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