Circle members learn JSL at school for the Deaf in Hokkaido

Hearing persons learn JSL weekly
in the tatami-mat room at the School for the Deaf

A JSL circle, called "Nozomi", has held the JSL class since about 15 years ago at the Hakodate School for the Deaf in Hakodate City, Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan.

Thirteen hearing people including the parents of Deaf children are learning JSL from Deaf persons once a week.

Akira Shimazu, principal of the school, says, "Even there is no Deaf persons around you, you make the best use of sign language when working as a volunteer, etc. I encourage any local residents to readily participate in the JSL class".

The circle was formed by the people who completed the sign language course offered by PTA and the city. Three Deaf persons alternatively serve as the lecturer, and teach JSL vocabulary and conversation with the theme such as "Numbers" and "Greetings", etc. every time.

The classroom on the campus is a Japanese-style room with a space of extent with which over ten students sit around a table. They feel comfortable with one another and easy to question because of the homey atmosphere.

One of the circle members having the Deaf child explained, "It is easy to misunderstand when the oral method is used, but after I learned JSL, it became less misunderstanding. We are enjoying the signed communication".

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Nila said...

Hi! Sorry if this is inappropriate but, I was just wondering whether you know of any institutions that would allow me to volunteer for deaf children?

I don't know much JSL nor Japanese yet - I can only make very basic conversation, although I can understand more than I can say. But I would love some experience in communicating with Japanese people - particularly the deaf community - and volunteering at schools/orphanages/etc is something I've wanted to do anyways, so I thought I'd try and combine the two.

Many thanks in advance, x.