Mother publishes book on her deaf son

Ritsuko Kajisita (left) says,
"I hope my book gives the reader like myself
encouragement". Her son, Reiki (right)

Ritsuko Kajisita (46), living in Hiroshima City, published a book titled "My son is a deaf tennis player". She wrote about his growth and the family relationship through the tennis.

The book about her eldest son Reiki (15), a junior high school 3rd grader, since his birth. She writes in the book, "Even if there is an obstacle, you are not defeated by a hearing person and I want you to live with a confidence".

Reiki was born deaf with unknown cause. Since 4 years old, he has played tennis under the guidance of his father, the owner of a tennis school.

Early September, he participated in the Deaflympics in Taiwan as one of the Japanese representatives and and won the first silver medal by a male singles. He is one of the most expected young players who will also join the National Sports Meet in Niigata Prefecture on October 26.

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