Emergency training conducted at school for the deaf in Kagoshima City

Emergency training took place at the Kagoshima Prefecture School for the Deaf in Kagoshima City on September 9, which was based on the assumption
that the carbon monoxide poisoning was generated in the school dormitory .

About 180 people from eight groups such as the city medical association participated in the training. They confirmed how to work in cooperation on a first-aid treatment and the transportation, etc. of the injured persons.

The training was sponsored by the City Fire Prevention and Control Administration. This time, the Deaf were given priority on the injured person's priority selection (triage) by the severity of symptoms in preparation for the diversification of the disaster accident.

After the Deaf students had taken shelter from the schoolhouse to the schoolyard, the firemen who had put on the hazard mask rescued the injured persons in training. Doctors of the disaster medical assistance team communicated by writing, and the triage was executed.

After poisonous fumes were exhausted, the doctors examined the injured persons who were carried out to outdoor and gave a first-aid treatment. The seriously injured persons were transported to the hospital by the ambulance. The interpreters helped with the communication in the tents set up on the schoolyard.

Source in Japanese: (photo included)

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