Deaf school to be changed to "Integrated Special Support School for Hearing Impaired" in Toyama Prefecture in April, 2010

The shift from the Deaf schools to the special support schools that enroll the Deaf children having other disability is advanced in the country.

However, the approach for keeping the name of "School for the Deaf" has extended in Shizuoka and Shiga Prefectures, etc., too.

In Toyama Prefecture where two schools for the deaf are located, it has been decided that the mentally impaired children be newly enrolled in these schools, after in the prefectural school administration plan was revised in 2007 for the realignment plan.

The prefecture educational board plans to assume "Toyama School for the Deaf" and "Takaoka School for the Deaf" to be "Toyama Integrated Support School for the Hearing Impaired" and "Takaoka Integrated Support School for the Hearing Impaired" respectively in April, 2010 according to the plan.

The Toyama Prefecture Association of the Deaf criticized, saying that "It is not fair that they have decided it without asking for our opinion in even the process of the basic plan".

They explained, "The word, "Deaf", might be assumed to be used for the discrimination, but we use it to mean that the person who can not hear use sign language, participating in the society". They demanded to put the word, "Deaf", in the renewed school names.

However, board officials explained, "The word 'Hearing impairment' is used in School Education Law, and the renewed schools will act as a central education center for the hearing impaired including the hard of hearing". They would not change the policy to use the school name, "Integrated Special Support School for Hearing Impaired".

Officials of the association says, "We want them to understand we are proud of being Deaf, though it is regrettable not to be able to keep the school name".

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