Deaf pharmacist's experience in discrimination portrayed in Deaf movie

According to the press release from Showa University, Kumi Hayase is currently working as a Deaf pharmacist as well as taking charge of the Deaf outpatients in the Showa University hospital.

Though she once passed the National Examination for Pharmacist, because she was Deaf, she was not allowed to get the license.

Afterwards, law revision was made by the signature campaign that 2.2 million people signed in support of Kumi's effort across the country in July, 2001.

Kentaro, her Deaf husband, wrote the script and directed the movie titled "The Transfer Leaves" partly based on Kumi's real experience.

This movie tells how the Deaf fought against discrimination because of deafness. It was produced in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of establishment of the Japanese Federation of the Deaf.

This movie has been screened one by one in the country since June, 2009.

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