Deaf craftsman exhibiting his craft works in gallery in Saga City

Hirochika Kubo
with his variegated craft works in gallery
"Getting-up Koboshi" stand on the below.

Craft works of Hroichika Kubo, a Deaf craftsman, are exhibited in the gallery "White" in Saga City until September 20.

A variegated work such as dolls and casques with a magnificent decoration, and various expressions of "Getting-up Koboshi" queues up.

Kubo has studied the sculpture and the Japanese style painting, etc. by himself, and has expanded the range of the creation by his rich sensibility.

There are about 30 kinds of "Getting -up Koboshi" such as barbarians and kappas that he made with the wish, "Stand up again even if there is a difficulty". These unique expressions are so popular that he doesn't catch up with the order.

He says, "My works cover almost every field in which I work on the creation. I want a lot of people to see them".

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