Deaf counselor tells her work experience of about 20 years

Mutsuko Kuwata, a Deaf counselor
who deals with the Deaf client
in sign language

Mutsuko Kuwata has worked as a part-time counselor for the Deaf in the city hall at Obihiro-shi, Hokkaido since 1990.

The issues that Deaf clients bring up are various. Sometimes when she has to find information needed or help, she visits not only the Welfare Division for the Physically Challenged, but also other related divisions in the city hall and/or other public agencies/groups outside. She deals with at most about ten clients a day, but she says, "When it's settled, I'm very happy".

Her hearing declined since when she was 6 years old by a side effect of an injection. "I don't hear a siren of a police car at present". So she understands how a person became deafened later feels, and doesn't talk about it. "I'm anxious about the person who wants to have counseling".

Next year she will work for two decades as a Deaf counselor. "I could keep working thanks to everyone who has supported me," said she modestly.

"I'd like to be even a little helpful." She made the decision to continue playing a role to support Deaf persons in trouble.

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