Volunteer for evaluation of real time captioning system at hearing schools

Tsukuba University of Technology, Mobile Softbank, Nonprofit Organization-Nagano Summarize Center, Gunma University, and the University of Tokyo announced on August 17 that they would recruite groups
willing to cooperate prior to the full-scale service, "Mobile Type Remote Capioning System" intended for students who are Deaf and hard of hearing.

The "Mobile Type Remote Capioning System" means when the students attend the class with a hearing lecturer at schools, what the speaker says is transcribed on PC screen real time with the help of two interpreters by using cellular phone from a remote place.

This time, the groups recruited will evaluate the system from the standpoint of an "information service provider" which uses the possibly alternative means, such as transcribed from spoken language to text messages.

Mobile Softbank will provide incorporated nonprofit organizations, public service corporations, and the social welfare organizations with the cellular phone and the machine parts such as Bluetooth microphones necessary for the project.

There will be a meeting for those who are interested to volunteer for the project at the Tokyo office of Mobile Softbank on September 4, 2009.

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