Newly-styled "Interior Phone" as well functions fax machine for the Deaf

According to the press release dated August 15, Sharp Company will sell the new style telephone (white/black) on the market on September 15. It may cost about 300US$.

It contains a large-scale color liquid crystal and the touch panel which can be used as a digital photo frame, "Interior Phone" (JD-7C1CL/CW).

This machine installs seven-typed color liquid crystal with the touch panel in the main body of the cordless phone machine (main phone), and displays all necessary buttons on the liquid crystal screen.

Moreover, the telephone book with pictures which a friend's telephone number and photograph are registered beforehand is used by touching.

While no use, the slide in the photograph is displayed as a digital photo frame simply by inserting the memory card that preserves the photograph data. It can be used as an interior in the room.

In addition, the fax reception function is installed. The faxed message can be seen on the screen by touching to expand or reduce the size of message as well as operate the scroll on a large screen.

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