Newly signed words invented to interpret speech of political candidates

Eiichi Takada, head of the Japanese Sign Language
and Training Center, introduces a new sign

The national election for the House of Representatives is scheduled for August 30, 2009 in Japan.

When the speech of a candidate from the electoral district was made in video, interpreting was provided. This time interpreting has been expanded to candidates from each proportion block who make a speech in the studio for broadcasting.

Therefore, the Japanese Sign Language and Training Center located in Kyoto City created a new sign language vocabulary for 16 spoken words which are assumed indispensable for the understanding of a recent social issue.

The research group in the center, comprised of 22 Deaf members and interpreters, on standardized signs to spread, has worked to create appropriate signs which have not been easy to make new ones.

Each signs for nine spoken words such as "Employment stop", "Ballistic missile", and "Pirate" were newly made, and seven spoken words such as "Floating crab cannery" were combined with signs that already exist.

Eiichi Takada, head of the center who is Deaf, says, "We hope the newly invented signs will help the Deaf community to understand what a political candidate speaks on TV before they vote".

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