Hearing student won best award in National High School Signed Speech Contest in Toky

Mori tells her dream in sign language

The 26th National High School Signed Speech Contest was held in Tokyo on August 29, sponsored by the Japanese Federation of the Deaf and The Asashi Shimbun (newspaper company) and the others.

The contest was a national event for the high school students using the sign language, and about 70 hearing students applied from across the country this year.

Ten students who had passed both the two-time preliminary contest made a speech in the sign language with the theme of "My dream to be realized" or "Something to be succeeded".

Kahiro Mori (17), a junior from Gunma Prefecture, won the best award. She was happy saying, "I want to tell my Deaf parents about this award".

In her speech, she says why she learns the gardening at the school is because she thinks if the communications through the flowers and the vegetables are able to remove the barrier between the Deaf and the hearing counterpart. She ardently talked about her dream with a bright voice and the smoothly-moving tips of her fingers.

Mori is the leader of the sign language club with other six students at the high school. She was pleased, saying that the more she learn welfare and caring the better she became prepared for the Deaf.

Mori says about her ambition, "Our goal of the sign language club is to visit the adult daycare center as often as possible".

At the opening ceremony, Her Highness Princess Kiko, sister-in-law of the Crown Prince, gave a speech in sign language.

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