Hearing people learn sign language to communicate before national Deaf events in Izu City

Participants practice how to introduce themselves
(photo: www.shizushin.com)

The National Conference for Deaf Seniors will take place in Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture on October 9-10, 2009. About 700 Deaf persons are expected to show up.

Also the National Deaf Seniors Gate ball Tournament will be held in the City.

Prior to these events, a sign language class for the beginners was opened in the city on August 26.

Eleven persons including the elementary school graders attended the class, and learnt how to greet and introduce oneself, etc. in the sign language.

City officials and a sign language circle called "Maple Friends Club" sponsored the class to offer the citizens the opportunity to become familiar with communications in sign language.

Deaf residents and the sign language interpreters served as the lecturer. The students introduced their family and their names each other, and learnt the finger spelling. They enjoyed themselves, doing a practice by exchanging greetings in sign language.
The class will be resumed on September 9.

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