Deaf Karate player to compete at National Sports Meet and Deaflympics

Kojima (center) and Ito (right)
at the Karate championships

The 64th National Sports Meet will take place in Niigata Prefecture on September 26 - October 6, 2009. Tadahiro Kojima (23) of Okazai City, a Deaf company employee, will compete at the Karate game general boy class arms formation (middle weight class) section.

Kojima visited the Karate gym near his home when he was an elementary school sixth grader and started the Karate. He has worked hard all through the way and his efforts are paid.

He graduated from the Aichi Prefecture Okazaki School for the Deaf and studied the martial arts in the physical education department of the International Budo (martial arts) Institute in Chiba Prefecture.

After he graduated, he has practiced the Karate hard in the gym, while working as a clerk in Brother Industries, Ltd. in Okazaki.

He won the first place at the Aichi Prefecture Karate Championships that was held as a preliminary contest of the annual National Sports Games in April this year, which he was selected to compete.

Katsuji Ito (48), the chairman responsible for intensive training at the Aichi Prefecture Karate League, said, "Kojima is a good player responsive to the reaction and understanding, and also is excellent in the ability to correct the problem".

Kojima said, "Because the National Sports Games was a big event at which I have aimed for a long time, I want to win the championship".

Kojima achieved the 4th straight victory in the Deaf session of the All-Japan Karate championships for persons with disabilities, and has been selected to participate in the 21st Summer Deaflympic Games in Taipei City, Taiwan on September 5-15, 2009.

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