Deaf Japanese History: 1920's - 1930's

- JAD holds 3rd general assembly at Osaka School for the Blind and Deaf-Mute, and revises its statutes.

- First oral school, Nippon Oral School for the Deaf, opens in Tokyo.

JAD holds 4th general assembly at Nagoya School for the Blind and Deaf-Mute.

- JAD holds 5th general assembly at Kyoto School for the Deaf-Mute.

- Osaka City School for the Deaf-Mute opens.

- Kanto Great Earthquakes attack Tokyo and cities nearby and many deaf persons injured or killed.

- National Association of Education of the Deaf-Mute formed.

Tokyo Oral School for the Deaf starts a special class for hard of hearing children.

- JAD holds special general assembly in Tokyo.

- Ministry of Education issues a certificate for incorporation of the JAD.

- Kyoto School separated into two, respectively for the blind and the deaf.

- Incorporated JAD holds first general meeting at Kyoto School with 295 participants.

- First national sports games for the deaf held in Kyoto.

- Nippon Oral Preschool program starts.

Statue encourages enrollment of school-aged children, applying to schools for the deaf.

JAD holds 3rd general meeting in Osaka.

Ministry of Education publishes Japanese language textbooks for the blind and deaf-mute respectively.

- Japanese manual fingerspelling invented by Gensuke Osone, teacher at Osaka City School for the Deaf.

- "Deaf Monthly" published.

Protection Act enacts, defining areas of application of the law according to degree of disability.

- By the year elementary schools in Tokyo has started classes for the hard of hearing.

- Typhoon destroys buildings of Osaka City School for the Deaf.

- By the year, oral method taken root, introduced in most of schools for the deaf.

- "Deaf Almanac" published.

Ministry of Education conducts survey on school-aged deaf children.

- Commission on education forms and reports on schools for the deaf, in pushing for compulsory education.

- Helen Keller visits Japan.

National track and fields meet for the deaf-mute held in Kyoto.

JAD memberships increased to 1816.

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