Communications system without text and voice invented to support the Deaf and foreigners

Pilot system, called "VUTE2009"
to support the foreigners and the Deaf for communication
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NTT announced the launch of a pilot system, called "VUTE2009", which assists communications without texts and voice, to the public on August 18.

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VUTE, "Visualized Universal Talking Environment", displays "animation pictogram" to make visual symbols "Pictogram", which shows information and gets attention by a simple picture sign animation in the portable terminal, etc.

By this way, the system will support communications of the visiting foreigners and the Deaf who have difficulties in understanding the spoken Japanese, etc.

The newly invented "VUTE2009" system can be used for emergency cases, such as the sudden illness, the accident, and the injury, etc. when one cannot call the emergency telephone number, 119, because of the language barrier.

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Sentences corresponding to the content are made automatically when the choice of the appropriate one is made from among the pictogram displayed on the display of the terminal. It aims to assist communication that takes a place of the spoken language and text messages.

In the future the number of vocabularies of pictograms used for VUTE will be increased, and each pictogram will be improved for easy understanding.

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