Cellular phone strap specially made for the Deaf

Fujisawa City in Kanagawa Prefecture, next to Tokyo, has made 1000 pieces in total of the cellular phone strap to be used by the Deaf in case of emergency. The city plans to start a free distribution to the Deaf residents from August 6 2009.

On the black strap, phrases are printed in white and red respectively: "I can neither hear nor speak", "Please call the emergency number 119 for me".

A small whistle is attached to the strap so that a hearing person in surroundings may notice in the emergency, too.

Such a kind of strap made for Deaf persons is the first in the prefecture according to Fujisawa city officials. There are about 900 Deaf and hard of hearing persons living in the city with the eligibility document.

Yasunori Sakurai, president of the Fujisawa City Association of the Deaf, says, "We are delighted that all the members are allowed to get the Deaf strap. We will make use of it".

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