Ready for Deaflympics! Girl volleyball team practices with hearing team

Deaf player (right) gets advice from hearing player (left)

The national girl volleyball team had a workout with a hearing team, a member of the V- Premier League for Girls, in the gym in Okayama City on July 20. The national team will compete in the Deaflympic Games in Taipei City in Taiwan in September.

The team has 12 players selected from high school students and workers across the whole country. They had training-camped for three days from July 18 in Okayama City, improving their skills used against foreign teams. The practice with the hearing team which has continued since 2005 was put in on the last day of the training camp.

After learning the techniques of the block, the serving and receiving through gestures, the Deaf players had the practice match with the hearing team.

One of the hearing players said, "The Deaf players don't use voices, instead they used a lot of the visual signal and concentration. We should learn that".

After the practice, the hearing players encouraged by sign language, "We hope you will win". The captain of the national team swore the good fight, saying that "We will work hard to get the gold medal".

Twelve countries are expected to participate in the girl volleyball games in the Deaflympic Games this time. Japan has acquired the silver medal last time.

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