National Schools for the Deaf Track Meet to be held in Kyoto in October

Deaf high students who are track team members

The 46th National Schools for the Deaf Track Meet will take place in the athletic field in Kyoto City for three days from October 2, 2009. It will be sponsored by the National Schools for the Deaf Physical Education League.

The national meet will be held in Kyoto Prefecture for the first time in 40 years. The track team members of the high school department of the Kyoto Prefecture School for the Deaf has started power-strengthening last year.

They have participated in the intensive workout with hearing high school students and the record meeting, etc. in order to improve the skills and get accustomed to the atmosphere of the race.

The school officials say, "We hope these Deaf students foster the sense of independence, taking the opportunity of the local event with the support from many people".

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