Japanese Federation of the Deaf offers JSL students service via cellular phone

"The Japanese sign language can be checked anytime and anywhere".

The Japanese Federation of the Deaf started service from which vocabularies and examples of sentences in the sign language are seen in animation on a special site of the cellular phone, on July 3, 2009.

With the cooperation of Hitachi Ltd., software was developed to be used for learning the the sign language. They consider to offer the service on regular basis after the trial ends in June next year.

It will be possible to use the service free of charge for one year (packet communication fees are separately necessary).

When you get the special site on the cellular phone, the signed expression of the key word and the index that you want to know can be retrieved. The words and the sentence examples of 8,000 or more are put together such as "He has a lot of spunk", "Make a campaign speech", etc.

The feature is the movement of the sign language that can be seen three-dimensionally in animation. The animation viewed from the front and right and left diagonal is delivered.

A JFD spokesperson says, "Even if you don't carry a thick JSL dictionary around, you can learn easily online". (http://shuwamobile.jp/i/)

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