Documentary movie to be interpreted by Deaf actor in July

Yonaiyama, a deaf actor, interprets the movie.

Pamphlet on the documentary movie

A two-hour documentary movie, titled "The Lily Of Keeping Secret" was completed by Shohei Shibata, a director, spending 13 years.

"The Lily Of Keeping Secret" indicates "the young girls who had a misery experience in the tragic war in Okinawa near the end of WWII." They were mobilized as a nursing worker in the Okinawa Army Hospital.

Many movies, TV dramas and stages were produced on their experience. They say, however, "We will turn 70 years old soon, and don't know how long we will be alive. As a will, we want that our experience be recorded by means of the image."

The testimony by 22 of the survivors lasted 100 hours for 13 years since 1994. The keenness that they attempted to tell while they are alive hints an important message to us in a peaceful life.
The documentary movie will be showed in Kawasaki City at 10:00 am on July 26 and 28. Akihiro Yonaiyama, a Deaf actor of the Japan Deaf Theater, will interpret.

Source in Japanese:
DEAF NEWS (subscription)

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