Deaf photographer's works exhibited in Kanagawa Prefecture

A photograph exhibition titled "Looking For the wild birds: my second life" was the first one for a deaf man, Yuichi Ogiwara (71). It is open to the public during July 14-19 in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.

Ogiwara started taking a picture in full scale at time when he retired from the electric appliances manufacturer in Kamakura City in 1998. His 55 works in these ten years are currently displayed.

Subject is wild birds after which he has traveled around the country. He was moved with a wild bird's beauty as his wife Michiko (65) was in the wild birds watch group.

Ogiwara says, "The pleasure when the photograph of the bird that I aimed was able to be taken is special. A wild bird's movement is too quick to be taken a picture, you know".

He has made the best use of his computer skills cultivated in the company to produce the calendar of the wild bird every year, which are also displayed.

He earnestly says, "The photograph is something to live for. I want to go out in nature and to meet more birds even if I am deaf".

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