Deaf adults enjoy playing table tennis with larger ball

A sport course related to "table tennis with a larger ball" took place for a Deaf group at the elementary school gym in Kyoto Prefecture on July 26, 2009.

Eighteen members of the Deaf Association of Yamashiro region joined it.

They enjoyed a new kind of sports that used a ball bigger than the usual one for table tennis, with the guidance of hearing members from the regional sports club.

Yasunari Tanaka (32), one of the group leaders responsible for sports activities, proposed to have a course to offer the opportunity for the Deaf member to enjoy sports.

The hearing members of the sports club showed how to pat the ball, and checked the Deaf members working on the ball, giving them advice
through gestures.

The Deaf members who were poor at the ball at first were getting used to the ball, patting repeatedly for a long duration. Tanaka says, "From now on, I want to let them challenge other various sports".

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Jessica said...

....and deaf adults need a larger ball to play table tennis, why?