Seminar tells all people including the Deaf to get related of each other in normal circumstances for disaster prevention

About 15 years have passed since the earthquake of a large scale, named the "Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake", occurred in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture in 1995.

The "Disaster Prevention Seminar" took place at the prefecture hall in Kobe City on June 10, 2009.

The groups concerned on the disaster prevention reported on study results.

About 200 persons participated, pondering about the importance of "precautions against the disaster".

Jun Tanaka, a researcher and University of Tokyo graduate school professor, gave a presentation, titled "The Lesson of Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake and Vulnerable People's Problems in the Revival Process".

According to him, the mortality rate of the vulnerable including persons with disabilities was 0.6%-1.3% which was high.

The following factors were stated as example immediately after struck:

-They were not able to immediately learn something wrong and escape from the danger.

-Those who were buried under the broken buildings were unable to call for help.

-The wheelchair, the white walking-stick, and the hearing aid were lost in the broken buildings.

Tanaka also pointed out on severe life after the disaster: The rest room and the bath were not available at all even in the shelter; neither the medicine nor the commodities were obtained.

These condition forced the people to live a hard life, being left from the revival process.

The administration's measure for the disaster protection of those vulnerable improved after the earthquake. However, there are too many needy people to cover all.

Tanaka concluded, "It is a society that produces the vulnerable people against the disaster. It is important to make the society that all people are related of each other easily in normal circumstances".

Moreover, the approach of the communication regarding disaster information for Deaf people and the visually disabled by using the cell phone text message and the fax, etc. in Hyogo prefecture and other city was introduced.

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