Report: actual situation of support provided by medical schools for Deaf students

Report on the support service to Deaf medical students

The National Sign Language Training Center, located in Kyoto City, investigated the situation of support services that the Deaf medical students receive, and summarized it in the report early this June.

The report points out a lot of problems such as the medical schools with many practices were not able to solve only by a traditional supporting method such as note taking, etc.

The "disqualification clauses" in the Medical Law and the Dental Practitioner Law, etc. that did not allow the persons with disabilities to acquire the license was abolished in 2001.

The Center has started to examine 1162 medical schools to understand the realities of the support needed by the Deaf students in the future.

Out of the examined schools, 190 schools (16・3%) have experienced in admission of the Deaf students. This showed that the admission rate after 2001 has increased to about twice time.

Regarding the support service to the Deaf students, it was found a lot of problems because of the nature of the medical education system.

For an instance, some of the problems are:

・Communications cannot be effectively taken during the practice.

・The quality of external volunteers does not match the professionalism highly required in medical education, etc.

Also some medical schools have faced the difficulties in meeting the needs of their Deaf students as they have few experience when such students are admitted.

Shinichi Koide (60), Secretary-general at the Center, says, "We found out again that both the students and medical schools have a hard time.

The contents of the support of each university is recorded in the report. We want the concerned schools to use the report as a reference".

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