Dr. Thomas Holcomb to present lecture in Japan

Dr. Thomas Holcomb, who is one of several Deaf professionals with a PhD in Deaf education, currently teaches Deaf culture, Deaf education, Deaf children Development and Deaf counseling, and also trains interpreters at Ohlone College.

He will come to Japan again to lecture as follows. ASL will be used, and JSL/spoken Japanese interpretation will be provided.

1. Lectures:
Theme:"Live as a Deaf person"
He will explain American Deaf culture, including identity, culture, education, and an interpreter's ideal ways, etc. Some video will be shown.

Date: July 4, Saturday, 21:30-24:00
Place: Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture

Date: July 10, Friday, 18:30-21:00
Place: Tokyo

2. Japan-U.S. panel discussion
Theme: How are the deaf culture and the education of Japan and the United States different?

Date: July 11, Saturday, 18:30-20:30
Place: Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture

Source in Japanese:
DEAF NEWS (suscription)

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