Doctor arrested for swindling through false diagnosis on deafness

Doctor arrested by Prefecture Police (with mask)

The Hokkaido Prefecture Police arrested a grop of hearing men on June 11, 2009 on the suspicion of the swindle, and the false medical certificate making and its exercise.

They were an otolaryngologist (74) who operates a private clinic in Sapporo City, a public consultant on social and labor insurance (67) who executed the application procedure on the disablement pension as a proxy, and an individual (60) who introduced the doctor to applicants for the acquisition of the physical disability certificate.

The police has been advancing the investigation, searching for the clinic on the suspicion of making the false medical certificate, since September, 2008.

The police has strongly assumed that the doctor gave hearing clients a false examination to prove profound hearing impairment which was quite different from the realities, and that the group received some money from the pensions.

According to The Asahi Shimbun, a popular news paper, at least 137 persons acquired disability certificate based on the doctor's diagnosis and received the disablement pension in 2002-2007 fiscal years. It is expected that the amount would mount up to about 370 million yen in total.

Moreover, since the fiscal year of 1999, 768 persons received the subsidies of about 250 million yen for the medical expense in total.

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